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Gender Equity Resources

International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

U.S. Government Policy and Resources

National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security

US Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender Based Violence

Executive Order — Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Women and Girls Globally

White House Fact Sheet – Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Women and Girls Globally

USAID Policy on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

USAID Countering Trafficking in Persons – Policy

USAID Policy on Countering Trafficking in Persons – Field Guide

USAID Vision on Ending Child Marriage and Meeting the Needs of Married Children

USAID Factsheet- Gender Equality

USAID Factsheet- Female Empowerment

USAID Factsheet- Gender Based Violence

 Multinational and International Organizations Policy and Resources

Global Centre for Pluralism, Ottawa, Canada

2017 Global Pluralism Award winners

Resource Center on the Importance of Women & Girls in Sports (with multiple links)

UNDP Gender Inequality Index

OECD Social Institutions and Gender Equality Indicators

Directory of UN Resources on Gender and Women’s Issues

World Bank Gender Resources

CPIA Gender Equality Rating (World Bank)

UN Women ~ Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

OECD Practice Note on CEDAW indicators

UNDP Gender Inequality Index

OECD Gender, Institutions and Development Database

UN ~ The Role of Men and Boys in Achieving Gender Equality (UN: 2008)

Australia – Gender Equality in Education and the Workplace

Other Gender Equity Resources and References

World Learning’s high school program Experiment in International Living study abroad program in the Netherlands about LGBTIQ issues

Women Thrive Worldwide

Born Free and Equal booklet published by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (September 2012)

Feminist Ethics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Feminism and Women’s Studies: Sexual Identity and Gender Identity

Social Watch ~ Gender Equity Index

Institute of Social Studies, The Hague (ISS) gender equality data base indices of social development

AWID ~ Ten Insights to Strengthen Responses for Human Rights Defenders at Risk

WEF Global Gender Gap Report 2012

VOA interview with Brian Heilman, Gender and Evaluation Specialist at the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) on gender norms and behaviors that lead to violence that are developed when boys are young

Gender and Ethical Theory: A Survey of Internet Resources on Gender and Ethical Theory

International Agreements and Conventions on Gender Equality

Legal Tools for the Establishment of Gender Equality through International Law

Amnesty International’s Fact Sheet on CEDAW

Asia – Pacific Human Development Report 2010 (UNDP)

World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development (World Bank)

Academic Centers on Human Rights and Social Equity

University of San Francisco, “The Importance of Social Equity in Public Administration”

University of Chicago Pozen Family Center for Human Rights

Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice, University of Texas School of Law

Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University

Centre for Applied Human Rights, University of York, UK

Transgender and LGBTQ Issues and Resources

 American Civil Liberties Union.  Breaking Down Trump’s Trans Military Ban.  March 30, 2018.

American Friends Service Committee.  AFSC support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.   March 30, 2010.

American Psychological Association.   Answers to Your Questions about Transgender People, Gender Identity and Gender Expression.  Undated.

Atlantic Magazine.  “When a Child Says She’s Trans.”  July, 2018.

Belle, Elle.  “These Transgender People Want You to Know Why They Love Themselves:   GLAAD’s latest campaign is spreading some love. “  Teen Vogue.  March 30, 2018.

Frank, Nathaniel.   The Pentagon Is Wrong. Gender Transition Is Effective.  New York Times Op-Ed.   April 9, 2018.

Human Rights Campaign.   A Woman Locked in a Men’s Prison:  Zahara Green.   January 5, 2015.

Human Rights Campaign.  Transgender Children & Youth: Understanding the Basics.  Undated.

Kelley, Martin.  “Among Friends:  Sharing Our Truth.  An introduction to the May issue on Gender and Sexuality.”  May 1, 2016.  Friend’s Journal.

McNeil, Stephen.   “Proclaiming Love and Justice:   American Friends Service Committee and LBGTQ Rights.” Friend’s Journal.  May 1, 2016.

Miller, R. Scot and Aran Reinhardt.  “Transforming Prejudice into Love.”   Friend’s Journal.   September 1, 2012.

National Center for Transgender Equality.    Frequently Asked Questions about Transgender People[Undated

National Center for Transgender Equality.  Jeff Sessions Implements Broad Policy Against Asylum Seekers Fleeing Violence.   June 12, 2018.

National Center for Transgender Equality.   Questionable Questions about Transgender Identity.   Undated.

National Center for Transgender Equality.   Trump Administration Plan to Roll Back Health Care Nondiscrimination Regulation: Frequently Asked Questions.   Undated.

New York Times Editorial Board.  A Growing Problem for the Military Transgender Ban: Facts.  April 29, 2018.

New York Times Editorial Board.   Trump’s Chance to Do Right by Transgender Troops.   February 23, 2018.

New York Times Editorial Board.  Trump’s Heartless Transgender Military Ban Gets a Second Shot.  March 28, 2018.

Noel, Laura.  “Affirming Ivy:  How Way Opened at George School to Support Transgender Students.”   Friend’s Journal.   May 1, 2016.

Penn, Su.   “We Think He Might Be a Boy.”   Friend’s Journal.   July 31, 2013.

RAND Corporation.  Assessing the Implications of Allowing Transgender Personnel to Serve Openly.  2016.

Schaefer,   R Agnes Gereben.   “On RAND’s Research Findings Regarding Transgender Military Personnel Policy.”  March 2018.

Schwenke, Chloe.  “A Natural Woman.”   Friend’s Journal.   May 1, 2016.

Schwenke, Chloe.  “Transitioning into the Light.”   Friend’s Journal.   June 1, 2009.

Strangio, Chase and Amy Fettig.  The Trump Administration Is Attacking Trans People in Federal Prison.  American Civil Liberties Union.   May 25, 2018.

Transgender Law Center.   Equality Maps.   Undated.

Transgender Law Center.  The Discrimination Administration:   Trump’s record of action against transgender people.  Undated.

Washington Post Editorial Board.   A judge makes the right call on Trump’s would-be transgender ban.  November 20, 2017.

Washington Post Editorial Board.  It’s up to the Pentagon to set things right for transgender service members.  January 21, 2018.

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Law School.  William Institute.   “Scholars File Amici Brief in Transgender Veterans Case.”   June, 2017.

Cost of Gender Transition guide

College Guide for LGBTQ Students, Maryville University Online

LGBTQ Community and Addiction; Addiction Center

LGBTQ individuals and alcohol abuse; ReHab Spot

College Guide for LGBTQI students

Website of David Mariner; Note: David Mariner is the Executive Director of the DC Center for the LGBT Community

LGBTQ Student Support Guidebook

Teachers as LGBTQ Allies: Creating an Inclusive Space

The Importance of Inclusion: Guidebook to Diverse Situations for Students

LGBTQ and cerebral palsy

LGBTQ+ and Addiction

Valuing Transgender Applicants & Employees: A Best Practice Guide for Employers

Jennifer Boylan’s website

Joy Ladin’s website

Answers to Your Questions About Transgender Individuals and Gender Identity

Susan’s Place

National Center for Transgender Equality: Home

International LGBTQ Resources

PFLAG Transgender Resources

CDC Factsheet: HIV Among Transgender People

UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender Health

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Helpline and the Peer Listening Line

Ten Things Transgender Persons Should discuss with Their Health Care Provider (GLMA)

LGBT Health

Eight Best Practices for HIV Prevention among Trans People (University of California, San Francisco)

Guidelines for Care of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Patients (GLMA)

National LGBT Health Education Center: Learning Modules

Preventing Transgender Suicide: An Introduction for Providers (Fenway Health)

Transgender Health Resources (American Medical Student Association)

Report on the Health of LGBT People (Institute of Medicine)

Transgender Health Bibliography & Resources

TED Talk by iO Tillett Wright titled “Fifty shades of gay” (Note: This is such a compelling and wonderful narrative on bisexuality, and the compulsion that people have to put others in “boxes” and binaries. My only critique of her talk – and it is not an insignificant critique – is that it is almost entirely framed around sexual orientation and makes gender identity largely invisible. In creating her own binary between “gay” and “straight”, many transgender people who happen to be heterosexual are largely ignored and are effectively disappeared.)


U.S. Government Transgender Health Resources

Healthy People 2020: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health

HHS Office of Minority Health: Plan for Health Data Collection on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Populations

Top Health Issues for LGBT Populations Information & Resource Kit

LGBT Health Equity Bullying and LGBT Youth

The White House: President Obama and the LGBT Community

Overweight and Obesity

HIV Prevention

STD Prevention

Viral Hepatitis Information

Intimate Partner Violence Prevention

Sexual Violence Prevention

Suicide Prevention


LGBTI Global Data Resources

Rainbow Europe

ILGA Europe Annual Review of LGBT in Europe

Social exclusion of young LGBT persons in Europe

World Learning’s high school program Experiment in International Living study abroad program in the Netherlands about LGBTIQ issues

Equality Rising, HRC’s global report

Development Ethics Resources

International Development Ethics Association

International Global Ethics Association

Makerere Center for Applied Ethics

Ethics Web – Canada (international development ethics)

Human Development and Capability Association

W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics, University of British Colombia

Joan and David Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, Arizona State University

Center for Applied Ethics, California State University, Long Beach

Center for Applied Ethics, Stellenbosch University

Chloe’s Academic Links

McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University

School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

Quaker Resources

Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Quaker Nobel Peace Prize Nominations

Quaker Speak (YouTube series)

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)

Adelphi Friends Meeting

Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Concerns(FLGBTQC)

Jon Watts, Quaker poet and musician

Quaker Party Erupts During Meeting for Worship

Parker Palmer, Center for Courage and Renewal

On Being podcast with Parker Palmer