New Directions

New Directions in Development Ethics: Essays in Honor of Denis Goulet

Edited by Charles K. Wilber and Amitava Krishna Dutt University of Notre Dame Press, 2010

Chapter 11

Africa’s Violent Conflicts and Universal Solidarity: The Moral Burden of Responding to Urgent Need, by Chloe SchwenkeNew_Directions

“Chloe Schwenke’s chapter examines the moral burden of rich countries in responding to urgent need in situations of violent conflict in poor countries. She considers the immoral nature of conflict and the leaders of such conflict, as well as the positive moral obligations that arise both out of the special relationship that donor countries have with the countries to whom they offer preconflict development assistance and the unquestioned capacity of such donor countries to be effective in the face of conflict. The different moral relationships that characterize relief, development, and political/military interventions are considered, as is the unavoidable imposition of Northern values when relief workers rush to the aid of conflict afflicted countries in the South. Finally, Schwenke explores the topic of transitional justice, and specifically the ‘peace at any price’ trajectory, that characterizes the peace negotiations between the government of Uganda and the Lords Resistance Army of Joseph Kony.”

From Introduction, page 20, by Amitava Krishna Dutt and Charles K. Wilber

Moral Clarity Matters